Greek Traditional Recipes Fish Restaurant Perdika-fresh local products Παραδοσιακές Συνταγές Αίγινα Παραδοσιακά Προϊόντα Αίγινα

1 kg small bitter oranges or Seville oranges, 1 kg sugar, 2 glasses of water.

We peel the skin off oranges with a grater.
We fill a pot with water and add the oranges to boil for a half an hour, then we remove them from the pot and put them in a strainer for 2 hours.
Then we cut them in half, remove the seeds and chop them up in small pieces.
We place the oranges in the pot with the sugar and the 2 glasses of water in low heat and stir lightly and regularly. We let them boil for 40' minutes until we can see that they have set.

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