Greek Traditional Recipes Fish Restaurant Perdika-fresh local products Παραδοσιακές Συνταγές Αίγινα Παραδοσιακά Προϊόντα Αίγινα

1 kg eggplants (aubergines), 200 gr. virgin olive oil, 250 gr. graviera cheese, 3 eggs, salt-pepper to taste, 2 dry onions, parsley.


We peel the skin off the eggplants and grate them with a grater. We add the shredded onion, the shredded cheese, the eggs, the chopped parsley and the olive oil. We mix all the ingredients together and pour them onto the ready-bought pastry sheet or onto our homemade pastry sheet and fold it. Brush the top of the pastry sheet with oil and bake for an hour.


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